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"He Said She Said" classification challenge (2nd edition)

Give the probability that a text in Polish was written by a man.

This challenge is based on the "He Said She Said" corpus for Polish. The corpus was created by grepping gender-specific first person expressions (e.g. "zrobiłem/zrobiłam", "jestem zadowolony/zadowolona", "będę robił/robiła") in the Common Crawl corpus. Such expressions were normalised here into masculine forms.


  • 0 — text written by a woman
  • 1 — text written by a man

Directory structure

  • — this file
  • config.txt — configuration file
  • train/ — directory with training data
  • train/train.tsv.gz — train set (gzipped), the class is given in the first column, a text fragment in the second one
  • train/meta.tsv.gz — metadata (do not use during training)
  • dev-0/ — directory with dev (test) data
  • dev-0/in.tsv — input data for the dev set (text fragments)
  • dev-0/expected.tsv — expected (reference) data for the dev set
  • dev-0/meta.tsv — metadata (not used during testing)
  • dev-1/ — directory with extra dev (test) data
  • dev-1/in.tsv — input data for the extra dev set (text fragments)
  • dev-1/expected.tsv — expected (reference) data for the extra dev set
  • dev-1/meta.tsv — metadata (not used during testing)
  • test-A — directory with test data
  • test-A/in.tsv — input data for the test set (text fragments)
  • test-A/expected.tsv — expected (reference) data for the test set (hidden)